Notary Public

A professional notary public service will allow you to finalize documents. Our mobile notary service will witness document signings. Complete documentation and have any paperwork finalized with our notary public in Cook, Chicago, and surrounding areas.

Legal Paperwork

We will assist you with legal paperwork and other legal help. We understand how confusing some legal situations can be, especially when there’s a high amount of paperwork involved.

Legal Help

E & C Services & Associates Inc. is your premium resource for legal help in Chicago, Cook, and the surrounding areas.  That’s why we’re here to help with documentation, advice, and explanations every step of the way!

Translations - English/Spanish

Legal paperwork can be difficult enough to tackle, but especially so if you are not fluent in English. That’s why we here at E & C Services & Associates Inc. offer English/Spanish translation services. We translate legal documents and paperwork in order to ensure that there’s no guesswork or avoidable mistakes. Contact us today for legal translation services.

Leases - Residential /Commercial

Signing a lease is a big deal, but we’re here to help. Whether you are signing a residential or commercial lease, our team has the expertise to assist with any questions or documentation you may need help with. Receive assistance with paperwork and signing with our lease assistance services.

Powers of Attorney

When you give someone the Power of Attorney, you are giving them the legal power to act on your behalf. If you are unable to take care of your own legal services, having someone with experience take on the power of attorney will help you with your affairs.  

Immigration Bond Service

An immigration bond is expensive regardless, but especially so if you post without the help of a professional. We want to help your friends and family to come back home, so give us a call if you need immigration bond services in the Cook, Chicago, or surrounding areas.

Green Card Renewals

Permanent residents whose Green Cards have expired or are about to expire need to receive a Green Card renewal. Many of us who have Green Cards may speak another language, which makes it especially difficult to deal with the paperwork and other legal proceedings which are required to renew a Green Card.


Because an affidavit is a legally binding statement, it’s important that you receive legal help from a professional affidavit service. We will work with you in any situation to create a proper affidavit, regardless of the circumstance.


Legal agreements require expertise in order to be done correctly and beneficially for both parties. E & C Services & Associates Inc. is able to provide legal assistance with agreements of all forms. Call us today!

Prepare Contracts

Work service contracts are essential to having happy employees. E & C Services & Associates Inc. will help you to prepare work service contracts. Additionally, we can answer any questions for you and ensure that you and your employees are satisfied with the terms in the contract.